Friday, July 9, 2010

2 super haute jackets.

And together they strike a stunning pose.

A jacket does wonders for a bad dress day/a bad hair day/a bad day. After a year of dejection, I've finally found one such. Swing it on and your day gets a million times swankier.It's so chic - it struts across the grumpiest July rains.
Then M bought a jacket and it's so damn gorgeous. This post is dedicated to the two foxy beauties - a short but spanking photo shoot via the iMac. 
Both jackets have great necks. While M's jacket has a trim open neck, mine has this sassy short collar.

The jackets are open - mine has lovely bronze buttons running all the way down and on the pockets.
M's is a classic vintage shorter style with no buttons - only the cutest bow.

You can see the bow in this picture. M's buy goes great with just about anything - skirts and dresses included. I love that you can dip right into the pockets.
Mine's tested to not go very well with long skirts (probably because it's long too). It looks fabulous with everything else. Subjective to the body type and style, though.

And finally, T brightens up the picture in a cute custom-made dress.

For fear of being aped, I will selfishly not reveal where the jackets are from. I recommend you go out and swank up your wardrobe with one - you'd probably have to splurge but it's a one time buy  - don't be miserly.


  1. Neat..both the post and the jackets...aren't they from Z_____???..haha...ape you apparently...steal that iMac and get it home...i'll smuggle FCP from office..

  2. Its from Mango or Promod or ZARA. Obviously.
    My bet is the last one.

    Now ladies, go ahead and APE that look! :)

    - N

  3. How mysterious of you Nicole. Sorry 'N'.

  4. As usual,a lovely post!And the jacket......quite...well,natty.


  6. I'm glad to see that u are still in love with the jacket . I love reading your posts.. The photos are great too..