Monday, August 2, 2010

Eating out 2. Lemon Grass, Pali Naka, Bandra

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Ideally, I shouldn’t express this at the beginning of a review BUT I can’t hold it in. Lemon Grass is perfect.

An overwhelming star gaze greets me at  8 pm and a cute waiter with a ponytail (seen vaguely), gets a wooden menu. Surprise, surprise! The prices are super enough to splurge on two starters.

After a wet 10 minutes under a drippy ac, we change to a drier spot at the rear end. Just in time for the Bangkok crispy chicken stack's (Rs. 125/-) arrival in oodles of thai-ish sauce. No stack, but plentiful for two and laden with the goodness of garlic, soya and bell peppers. Ooh sweet memories. The chicken is crispy and soft inside. I scrape at the banana leaf to get to any and ALL of that gorgeous sauce.

I'm half done admiring this, when the Chicken stuffed Mushroom teriyaki glaze satay ( Rs. 140/-) makes a petite entrance. Mushrooms stuffed with minced chicken as promised, with a distinct flavour. 2 on each stick. 4 sticks. Plenty, again.

I love the crockery. Clean cut and wide, I want to steal it. Squared, wide-bottomed glasses that are a joy to drink in. Matching squared cutlery in dull steel. A white spread of plates to roll your food around and never run out of space. 

This display of good taste continues when the main course arrives in two large round blue bowls. The plump head waiter had suggested a Lemon Grass classic stir fry prawns in chilli garlic coriander sauce (Rs 325/-)

Dollops of fresh vegetables and mid-sized prawns in thick gravy, over steamed rice. So comforting to eat in that big blue not-fancy bowl. A vegetable in every bite, a prawn in every 6 bites. Yellow bell peppers, baby corn, strange cucumber and leafy vegetables that are too oriental to identify. Would have been better a bit whet, nonetheless delicious and wholesome.

The best thing potpourri a.k.a Lemon Grass has done is got rid of the ugly confectionery rack. It opens up room for 3 more family tables. So, currently there are approximately 8 large tables and 5 tables for two. Plenty of space, I say.  

The bill makes a curvy appearance in a Buddhist brass singing bowl. The only thing overpriced in comparison to the food are the beverages, with bottled water at Rs. 40/- and an iced tea at 80/-. An obsession with twisty stars, the open air, green buddhas and dim lights, gives Lemon Grass a dreamy quality. That along with the wooden tables, smiley + prompt service and delicous south-pan-asian food makes for a great budget Sunday dinner. I cannot wait to try the dimsums next time. Also, if you miss the potpourri deserts (I don't) they will be available again after Independence day.

Rating ★★★ 1/2


  1. Great review. Sounds like you had an awesome meal! I've always wanted to check out the place, and your review has just pushed me a little over to the other side.

    Will try it out soon. Thanks!

  2. Well i sure hope you have a great meal too!

  3. Love their flavours. Wish I could eat here every single day.

  4. Ummm,mouth-watering,superlicious,yummy review.My taste buds were in hyper mode while reading through your post.Keep 'em coming!!

  5. The two of you are hilarious haha.

  6. Your review has made my mouth water . Lets go there when I come to Mumbai next ..

  7. Ya! Devesh especially will love it.