Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beware of old men at music festivals.

If you recently went to a music festival, you probably saw an old man in red doing a Willy Wonka and thrusts way too adventurous for his age. My pal even pointed out her anguish at this distraction.
Later, when the evening lights took over my sunglasses, I found my ditsy self screeching away with a friend or two. Marking me in all his redness, the old man danced towards me and asked if he could take a picture. Surprised at my surprise, he said, "Ask your friend at the back, I know him well". I turned around to my rock-star friend, who nodded. Who can interpret the nod of a rock-star? Old red man didn't even wait for the nod - his fingers did a little run towards his eyes and said, "Let me live in your eyes forever".
The thing about Red Riding Man is his USP. He gives absolutely NO reaction time. Also, he's so old you fear his eccentricity and his big hat that hardly cover his big eyes. Maybe, he isn't even that old. Anyway, out of all the gambles that happen at music festivals, this is a passable venture.
Around then, an acquaintance from the past decided to reappear by screaming my name from the back.The old man sprung at my name. He said it softly, then loudly and then twirled it around his hat. He spat at it and then lovingly used it to say, 'Manisha, I hope you know she's jealous of you."
And before my big head knew it, he flashed his big hat and a maroon e61 camera by my side.
He now has my name and my frame. 
Afterward, the rock-star friend yelled that the nod meant 'no, i don't know him' and the acquaintance complained about having shouted my name in order to 'protect me'. Red Riding Man came from the back and grinned, "Do you want my number?".


  1. what the red riding man said about your eyes was something you'll remember for forever :-)

  2. I'm pretty sure I'll remember more than that!

  3. Oh. Fuck. That guys name is Mahavir. He is at every possible Indie gig in town.

    This is the first time I'm hearing something like this. I've had long conversations with him. He is a Scribe and Shaa'ir and Func fan. So he keeps wanting prints and other stuff from me.

    He hates it when people call him Uncle and he thinks he dresses young. He also keeps asking me to hook him up with any girl-friend of mine so that he can get couple entries at clubs.

    From what I hear, he stays at Navi Mumbai and bets on horses.